4/29/07 12:30 a.m. (really 4/30 but hey, who's counting?)

Just a quick update before I head to sleep. Josh had a much better day emotionally today and enjoyed being able to hang out with his parents and the kids today. The Lord has this uncanny way of knowing when we are going to need some extra help, hee hee. I was pretty uncomfortable today with Ephram making himself known all day and had a chance to relax and take a nap. We spent most of the day watching the kids play outside in the beautiful weather and sitting on the front porch like a bunch of old-timers. It was very nice to have no agenda. I enjoy days like today where we really don't get a lot done but everyone seems pretty content and able to face reality. Most days are not like this- at least not lately!

We heard over and over how the first month home was so hard emotionally and we have definitely been experiencing this. Every day there are so many new things we realize that Josh can no longer do or participate how he used to. Yet through this all, we know we have a God we can rely on who will supply all our needs.  

We had some greeters from the neighborhood come and welcome us to the neighborhood today. They were so friendly and made us feel so welcome (they also brought along some killer caramel banana muffins along and another nice gift). With us moving away from Eastown, it has been hard to feel so far removed from our normal neighborhood. This was an encouragement to us and made me feel like we are in the right place for right now.

Tomorrow we will be making some contacts on land on a street called Maryland. It is only about a mile from our house and less than that from the church. Please pray that God makes his will loud and clear to us about where to go from here. The land is a reasonable price but all land is expensive. We want to make the wisest decision and be in the center of God's will for our lives. Please be praying for us as we take this next step.

Prayer Requests:


-Wise decisions regarding land purchases

-Josh's fingers and triceps!!!!!!!

Posted on April 29, 2007 .