4/25/07 9:00 p.m.

Please start praying for Josh. He has been in bed since about 7:30 tonight, not feeling good. The last day and a half have been a struggle for him because he is so cold. One of the side effects of a spinal cord injury is your internal temperature control does not work right, or maybe it's your brain that doesn't perceive it right. Either way, he has had temperature issues the last day and a half. It does not seem to matter how warm his body feels to me or how warm the room is, his teeth continue to chatter. Because he feels so cold, his muscles keep tensing up which makes for some very sore muscles. It is difficult to maneuver his body because his muscles keep spasming and acting up. It has gotten pretty frustrating for Josh.  He has been difficult to comfort tonight and easily getting upset. We are almost hoping that he is getting sick or something of the sort so that there is a reason for  what is going on. He really needs pray for both the physical issues but also for the emotional struggles.

On another note, we went back to MFB today for therapy. Josh worked on trying to push a completely manual wheelchair. This is the type of chair that a paraplegic would normally use, not Josh with a quadriplegic injury. He pushed it about 300 feet and was able to turn some corners which is much more difficult than pushing in a straight line. We also worked on using a slide board to slide around while sitting up on the edge of a mat table.  It is very hard work but it is nice for him to feel challenged. For occupational therapy, Josh worked at picking up different objects using his tinodisis. That's where he uses his wrist flexors to bring his thumb and forefinger together. He was being timed on how many small wooden blocks he could move in one minute. They would then try and different brace on his hand and find if he could beat the last score. Josh is always up for a little competition, even if it is just with himself!

I know it's short, but I have a chance to get a few minutes of shut-eye before we start getting Josh ready for bed. I'm just hoping he's willing to stay in bed for the rest of the night and not wanting to get back up for a while. Please be praying that the sleep I do get is quality and that the Lord helps the sleep I get to be enough to get us all through the day! He is able.

Prayer Requests:


-Josh to feel better

-more stable home life for us all

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