4/1/07 9:00 p.m.

Josh had a good day of tons of exercise. He swears that if anyone wants him to work out arms or shoulders tomorrow, he'll refuse. :-) We'll see about that after his normal therapists are back and he is putty in their hands. He is now not feeling so well and not sure if he pushed himself too hard or if he may have a bug of some sort. Please pray that he feels better tomorrow and ready to hit rehab with the "fierceness of the Greek gods!" (that's Josh's quote from 2.5 months ago.

Today was pretty quiet around MFB. We both took our lovely Sunday afternoon nap. I slept a little more than he did because his muscle spasms were so bad today. He had his medications changed so that it is covered by insurance. The med that he was on for nerve pain (and helps with spasms) is not covered by insurance unless you try this other one first. So right now that is what he is doing. It's hard because this drug also makes him drowsy and he really hates feeling like that.

Josh and I continue to pray and wait for God to heal him. He is getting very tired of this but we keep talking about all that God is teaching him right now that he would not know otherwise. We believe that in God's time, he will be well. Please remember to continually lift Josh up to God and have faith that he will be healed.

Prayer Requests:


-Josh's triceps

-Pray for our housing decisions that are to made by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow

Posted on April 1, 2007 .