3/7/07 7:45 p.m.

Well, we took our trip to the church today. It was very nice to get out and have a few hours outside of the hospital. We all hit Logan's before we went to the church and had a nice time together. Some people from the church met us there- in some ways it felt so "normal" and in other ways it felt very odd. Josh could not get his knees under the table nor feed himself, but it was nice to be out with friends just hanging out.  We spent about 2 hours there looking at different possibilities for getting Josh in and out and to all the floors (an elevator seems to be the wisest choice), office space with room to accommodate his wheelchair, and door widths which are nowhere near workable in some situations. Josh said that even though he has been gone over 7 weeks, it did not feel like he was gone long. Kinda' like he was back home.

The throat issue is unresolved as of yet. They did take the X-ray this morning but nothing noticeable was on it. They will be sending him for a scope with a camera on the end at the end of the week or next Monday. We did beg them to schedule it ASAP as Josh continues to be very uncomfortable. He is less discouraged about it today than he was yesterday. We are so thankful for these times that God is so obviously here with us.

We are so lucky to have a faith and a God to cling to.  Josh and I will talk about where we would be if we had decided to turn our back on God or if we never believed in him. We feel like this is already a wildly difficult journey with him much less without.

We will be going back to long phone conversations with Blue Cross tomorrow. Please pray that we are connected with the people who can help us, give us the best advice, and not drive me batty!!! Some of them have absolutely no social skills! I would just like to talk to someone who has compassion and is willing to work at figuring out what we need to know.

Someone from an area church came by today and dropped off a gift for Ephram. I have never met this woman and was so encouraged by her words and willingness to pray for us in the long run. This woman represented so many of you to me. There are so many comments about how we have never met and how they continue to pray for us. God is using you all to give us strength and encouragement. We appreciate you all.

That's all for now. I'm heading home early to get a little extra rest as Josh is much better tonight than last night. Please pray that he continues to be encouraged despite the added stress of another issue- in particular his throat. 

Prayer Requests:


-Stability and encouragement for our family

-The ability to make wise financial choices in regards to the equipment Josh will need to come home.

Posted on March 7, 2007 .