3/5/07 10:00 p.m.

Today was a good day for Josh.  I got to MFB at about 6:45 this morning to be with Josh during the interview on the radio. Thankfully, he woke up easily and hopefully his sleepy voice was not too obvious. He was a little concerned he sounded out of breath because he has such little breath support. I told him he sounded great!

Our day consisted of a TON of therapy and some encouraging little bits of news.  (Warning: do not read if you have a soft stomach!) Josh has had a catheter in for the last week and a half. He hates it with a passion, but because of lack of feeling, it's not too bad (he does love to complain about it).  Since the accident, he has had no sensation whatsoever that he needs to pee.  Well today, he felt like his bladder might be full and had the sensation that he needed to go.  Well, I looked at his bag attached to his leg and it was completely full which means his bladder wasn't draining. After emptying the bag, his bladder emptied and he did not have the sensation anymore. Yeah!!!! This is great news!

We were both so excited to have a piece of encouraging news today. After having a rough morning, we both had a nice day. I came home a bit early and relaxed which was nice. I spent some time with the kids this afternoon, thinking Zoe was sick but she was fine. Maybe she just needed her mommy. I like to think that at least. The kids had fun in the toy room at MFB with daddy and love to play air hockey. They are actually starting to get the hang of it.  Every time they scored today, they would raise their hands above their heads and yell "She/He Scores!"

Please continue to pray for our spiritual and emotional stability as a family. After a rough day, I look forward to a long hot bath and then a good sleep in my own bed. Thanks for all your prayers.

Prayer Requests:


-Josh's fingers

-Encouragement for our family

Posted on March 5, 2007 .