3/29/07 10:10 p.m.

Okay, we're stressed. At least I am and Josh is not making decisions fast enough to suit me. :-) Josh will be discharged from MFB 3 weeks from tomorrow- April 20th. We have made the tentative decision to move into the house off of Leonard and put up removable fencing to keep Noah safe from the road! Josh can access the entire house but the basement and feels encouraged by this.  The thing that is hard is that he doesn't feel we really have any choice because it is the only house in GR for rent with a roll-in shower.  I have been trying to encourage him to make a choice of where to go, but I can only push so hard. I know he is under soooo much stress, especially emotionally and I don't want to add to it. We went to the house today with Josh so that he could see it and get a better feel for what we were talking about. When we were leaving he was very discouraged and depressed. It's hard to see him like that. As a wife, I want to fix it and make everything all right but I can't. Sometimes silent understanding seems to be the best choice I have.

We talked at length with the GR Press again today. An article will run in the newspaper on Easter Sunday. They also took some pictures of Josh in therapy and Josh with the kids. We feel like any awareness that can be raised is a positive thing (as long as they're not saying nasty stuff about us!).  We know God can use this situation for his glory if we allow it.

The kids will be gone more than usual over the next week. They are going to stay with some friends from Kalamazoo for the weekend and then heading to G and G Buck next week for a few days because Noah does not have school. They are both very excited. It will be hard to go a few days without seeing them but we would normally be excited to pawn them off for a few days!

Please be praying for Josh as he begins to see an end in sight to inpatient rehab and what has become his norm. He will have stayed at MFB for nearly 3 months when his stay there is up. We will be having outpatient therapy 3 days a week for quite a while.  That is what insurance is willing to pay for so that is what we are doing.

My trip to the Medicaid office was successful this past Tuesday. Josh's social worker accompanied me and kept me sane while we waited to see someone for over 3 hours! After all was said and done it had been nearly 5 hours but we got initial approval for quite a bit. After our insurance is over, we will all qualify for Medicaid and numerous other programs. We don't want to bleed the system dry but we also want to take advantage of what is available to people in our situation. The man we ended up working with had such a kind heart and was very helpful. Josh's social worker knew all the lingo and knew how to ask for what she thought we needed. I would not have been nearly as successful without her. She has been amazing!

Little Ephram is continuing to make me more and more uncomfortable and making himself known more and more. It feels like he has decided to try and swim out. He must have done a little switcharoo in his position because he is moving around and it's feeling different. It's so fun to feel so much movement and know that he is getting close to arrival. So many changes...wow...

Prayer Requests:


-Triceps-this would give Josh so much more freedom!

-wisdom in making decisions

Posted on March 29, 2007 .