3/28/07 10:15 p.m.

Big news here- Josh got his collar off!!!! He is so excited to be free of the brace and feel like he can move his head around a bit.  After the X-ray, the doctors decided the break on his neck is fully healed and he is able to go without any further support.  It healed a bit faster than expected so got it off early!!! yay!!!

I had a very nice evening with the kids. I got a good nap today and had more energy than normal. We drove around looking at property for sale and the options for putting a ranch on it.  Many of the plots are not big enough to put a ranch on but need a walk-out or a 2 story.  Many of the plots are in subdivisions and we are looking for more of a city location.  We are waiting for God to show us exactly what he has for us. We are open to whatever but are looking for God to guide us.

After we spent a decent amount of time driving around (we had to get some shakes to keep the kids happy!) we went over to MFB and spent about an hour and a half there. That is significantly longer than usual.  The kids have a tendency to get in trouble and Josh gets tired quickly. Today, everyone was feeling good and the kids were acting so cute. Noah talked about going to the zoo today with school and how he loved the tigers and monkeys. Zoe sang at length for us. We did puzzles in the playroom and watched Noah try to figure out the playstation. It was very enjoyable. We even stayed after the kids bedtime.

We are getting into a major time crunch when it comes to deciding where we will be living. We have made the official decision we will not be moving back home. The closer the time gets, the more it stresses Josh out to imagine living in the dining room. This is also hard for him because it means we will not be moving back home. He wants to move back home and have everything be normal and he knows, right now, that is not possible. He is not wanting to sell the house because he is believing God will heal him and we will eventually be able to move back in. He would like to rent it out if possible for a while. Right now, the therapists as MFB are encouraging us to make no huge decision we can live without making the first year. There is a house for rent on the west side of GR that will work but Josh is worried about being a ways from church and the community. We have decided to spend the next day or two looking in depth for any other options closer to home. The key is we need a roll in shower and many of the houses in the area that are handicap accessible do not have a roll in shower. Please pray that God gives us clear guidance on what he has for us.

Josh's spirits have been up and down over the past 2 days. Yesterday, he was discouraged saying that he really believed he would be further along in the healing process than he is right now. He has so little control over much of his body and it is easy to get down.  I try to spend a lot of time listening to him, knowing he needs to talk about this all, and then trying to encourage him with how far he has already come. Even there are so many things that are difficult right now, we have so much to be thankful for. We have an amazing group of support all around us, MFB could not be better for us, we have a baby on the way that should have never been.... and that's just the beginning. Yes, we've had a lot of heartache and we wonder what God is trying to teach us but we continue to see his blessings all around us.

Prayer Requests:


-Josh's triceps

-guidance on where to move (and pray it happens quickly!!!)

Posted on March 28, 2007 .