3/25/07 7:55 p.m.


Another typical weekend day for us.  Lots of OT and PT and then a lazy Sunday afternoon. We both took a nap and watched a movie.  We also watched the Greenhouse service on the internet.

I was as surprised as some of you may have been to see that giving can now be tax deductible.  We have talked at length at what God wants to accomplish out of this and should we form a ministry out of this? Does God want to use this in a specific way? We want to be open to however God wants to use us and forming a ministry also allows us to have tax-deductible status.  Yay!

God continues to work in our lives, easing our stresses and concerns and giving us comfort when we think we are sinking. Josh is having a bit of a rough night.  The kids continue to be a source of anguish for him.  Noah and Zoe came up today and Zoe was her normal hyper self, running up and giving daddy kisses and asking for stories.  The only thing Noah was interested in was figuring out daddy's new wheelchair. He paid little attention to anyone else in the room and was completely engrossed. Yesterday, at the birthday party, he was not interested in Josh and only interested in swinging. I had not noticed yesterday but Josh talked about it today. He is feeling like an uninvolved father who wants to be involved but does not know how to get through to him. I hate it when he feels like that. We both realize Noah is not your typical 4 year old but it it still difficult all the same.  Please be praying for a way for Josh and Noah to interact that is possible for Josh.

We continue to discuss where we are supposed to go and where we are supposed to live. There are so many decisions that need to be made and not NEAR enough time. It stresses me out! Our social worker has been very helpful but she can't make decisions for us. Please pray that we can have clarity of mind in these decisions and that the decisions can be made quickly. 

That's all for tonight. I'm heading home to put the kiddos in bed and then hit the hay myself.

Prayer Requests:



-Stability for our family

Posted on March 25, 2007 .