3/24/07 11:30 p.m.

So, you wonder where in the world I have been?  I have no great excuse to give other than the fact that I have been so tired that I have not taken the time to update.  Josh continues on his daily regime of rehab, rehab, rehab.  His shoulders are starting to bulk up again and it makes him look more like himself.  He feels good about this. He also wore jeans for the first time the other night and loved that too. We have been attempting to do some normal things such as going out for dinner or running into a store.  It is allowing us to see what we need to learn more about and what we are comfortable with.  We enjoy getting out of MFB but the work it takes to get from point A to point B is quite substantial.  Josh's parents were here today and took us out for a late lunch.  It is the first time they have done something "normal" with him since the accident.  We went to eat at On the Border and it went smoothly.  Does it seem like the only place we eat is OTB? It is! :-)

Last night while we were out, Josh's power-assist wheels ran out of battery charge.  It made it interesting but we managed.  Again today, we went to Emmy and Ezekiel's birthday party (my niece and nephew) and the battery died AND we got a flat tire.  Hmmm... interesting. 

Today was a tough day for me.  I woke up tired, not a good start, and was in tears all morning.  Because Josh's parents were here, I took advantage of it and took the morning off.  I was not going to be an encouragement to anyone if I went to the hospital and I needed some time to process. I can get overwhelmed at times and need some time to myself.  Ephram has been making my physical body increasingly tired and going out on the town tires me out very quickly.  We are trying to find a balance that works for us all.  We also are trying to remember my track record for early labor and delivery and want Ephram  to grow a lot more before he makes his debut!

I know God has a plan for us but on days when you are so tired, it's hard to keep a positive attitude. I am very thankful for having a chance to have a break this morning. Josh has been very supportive of me needing some time away but it is still difficult.  He is a social butterfly and now that he is able to get out and about he wants to go places all the time! He also wants to stay out late (I guess late is realative, but late for me) and keep the fun going.  We know we have a ton of adjusting to do and this is just another example of this.

WJQ- 99.3 FM had a swim today at Lake Macatawa for Josh and another pastor in the West Michigan area with leukemia.  People collected pledges and $25,000 dollars was raised. God is incredible.  Parker Stevens, a cousin of mine and only 8 years old, raised $4800 alone for the swim.  He is quite the little guy.  He came up yesterday to interview Josh on camera for a church video and was so sweet. He then went on to pray for Josh and is already a little preacher. Josh was very touched by him.  God has used Parker in an incredible way and not just to raise money but to be an encouragement to Josh who had never met him before yesterday.  Josh and I had hoped to come to the swim but therapy and rehab took precedence in the eyes of Josh's therapist. He also still has little body temperature control, his internal thermostat continues to malfunction. We thought being outside in the cold could be a bad choice for Josh at this time.  Some girls from Plymouth, IN also came to the swim who had raised some money.  One of the girls, Brooke Hulse (sp?) was in the youth group when Josh helped out at the Wesleyan church there about 8 years ago.  Josh was once again amazed. This swim has been nothing but a blessing and we so appreciate WJQ for the work they did to make this possible!

That's all for now. It's almost midnight and I'm tired! Thank you for continuing to keep up with us and continuing to keep us in your prayers. We love you all!

Prayer Requests:


-Josh's triceps

-housing decisions that need to be make

Posted on March 24, 2007 .