3/23/07 5:45 a.m.

I'm sitting up in bed, unable to sleep.  I'm sitting here listening to the birds chirp and amazed at the passage of time since the beginning of this journey.  We left on vacation in the dead of winter.  I sit here, alone in my bed, hearing spring arriving and knowing that Josh is still unable to come home.  In some ways, the time has gone by so quickly.  We have already been back in Michigan almost 2 months. Then in other ways, I think of all that has taken place and am so thankful that the worst is over. 

I recall vividly hearing the doctors in Cancun, in their Spanish accents I struggled so much to understand, saying that Josh was in a life-threatening situation.  They made no guarantees of his fate. They also did not lead me to believe he would be dying in the next 5 minutes but that we had a long road ahead.  All of those "life-threatening" situations never came to pass. Josh beat all of the doctors best guesses and showed us what an amazing God we have.  I still have my husband. He is still the same man I married almost 7 years ago. His body may be broken but God has given us an amazing gift in allowing Josh's brain to have suffered no ill effect of the swelling or lack of oxygen in the water.

There are many details that many of you are unaware of. I do not wish to be grotesque in what I say, I am just utterly amazed at how Josh has recovered. I continually beg God to heal his body but continue to be thankful for the blessings we have been given.  Josh is still learning of the severity of that first week in Miami when he was in ICU.  He had so much to say to before being intubated, so many looks of desperation when he could not communicate and he remembers nothing of this.  He remembers nothing from the point of arriving at the hospital in Cancun on Thursday afternoon to late Sunday night when the Colts won the semi-finals to the Superbowl (that would be first memory!!!).  Until recently, he still did not grasp the severity of the situation. It makes us both realize again how fragile life is.  After Ava died, we found out how easily a life can be lost.  We lived in fear for many months of something happening to one of our other children, never realizing something could happen to one of us. That first few minutes on the beach in Cancun I remember so vividly thinking "Not again!".  And you know what, God protected us and did not allow that to happen.  How does one explain explain the gratitude yet still beg for so much more? More arms, triceps, fingers, abdominals, legs, feet... total healing.



This is Shelly's mom, Jean, updating a bit more on her special birthday. Thirty years old already. That makes me...OK, we won't go there. Anyway, what better way to celebrate than to go out for dinner with the family. And the means of transportation? The now infamous Whoopty Mobile, or Whoopty as it's being lovingly called by the boys. It's the old/new van generously donated for Josh and Shelly's use until their new van arrives. Three pictures for your enjoyment: First, Jason at the wheel of Whoopty with Shelly riding shotgun. Second, Josh in his place behind Whoopty's wheelchair lift. And third, the family (All except Derek, of course; we missed you, Bud!) at Bentham's in Grand Rapids.

Posted on March 23, 2007 .