3/19/07 10:30 p.m.

It was a good day for Josh with lots of hard therapy.  He enjoys feeling like his body is getting stronger. He spent a decent amount of time today working on rolling from side to side so that he can roll around a bit in bed. He did very well with some assistance from Kristy.  It was very hard to get the technique down in the beginning but by the end he was doing very well. Right now he can roll about 45 degrees. He is still not able to turn himself from one side to another, but that's why he's working on getting stronger.

We spent some time looking at land possibilities on the internet today.  My parents also did some driving around looking at some perspective plots.  Right now, our main goal is to get our family back together, comfortably, under one roof.  We are fervently praying for guidance in this situation. There are numerous options but we want to make the right decision for our family, Greenhouse and Noah's schooling.  Noah is our almost 5 year old with developmental delays. We live in the Grand Rapids school district right now and it is serving Noah's needs perfectly.  Our concern is that as Noah grows older and heads off to older elementary and beyond, the schools are well known for being pretty rough.  That is of great concern for us.  We cannot easily send him to a private school because all of his needs will not be met.  No matter where we live, Zoe will have many school options so she is all set. So, we have a lot of things weighing on our minds as we consider relocating.

Josh is having surgery tomorrow to have a permanent catheter placed, coming out of his abdominal wall. Surgery is scheduled for 3:00 tomorrow afternoon.  Please remember him in prayer. He does not feel very anxious, just ready to get this thing done! Pray that his health stays strong tonight and tomorrow so the surgery can happen as planned. It was cancelled last week because of an infection issue. He continues on I.V. antibiotics for a few more days so he should be all set!

That's all for tonight.  This momma is falling asleep at the computer.

Prayer Requests:


-wisdom on our home situation

-surgery tomorrow at 3:00 (Noon for you Pacific time zoners!)

Posted on March 19, 2007 .