3/16/07 10:15 a.m.

Sorry about the lack of postings yesterday.  Once again, the wireless at MFB was acting up.  It's usually just the weekend, but we could not get it to work last night. Frustrating. 

A little update.  Yesterday, Josh made it out of bed by 2:00 p.m. We were just glad that he got up. His fever seems to have broken.  All of the tests from his kidneys and lungs came back negative.  The answer to the infection? Another urinary tract infection.  So, all in all, it was very good that he did not have the  surgery and possibly allow the infection to enter his blood. He seems to feel pretty average this morning so for that we are thankful.

Last night, Kristy, Josh's PT and friend, came in to give us and some of Josh's friends direction on stair climbing in a wheelchair so we don't have another mishap like last weekend. It went well although all of the boys were pretty nervous to start- they all did great. We also learned how to use the tie-downs in the van.  Tie-downs are the straps that hold the wheelchair down when the van is in motion. We all learned how to work them so any one of us can take Josh out for a night on the town. When we went away last weekend, we had rented a van so we had to learn how to use these new ones.

Josh has been experiencing a lot of reality checks as of the last few days. We realize this is all part of the process, but it is very difficult all the same.  A lot of Josh's friends come up in the early evenings to hang out for a while and then they head out. Much of the time they all head out to one of the local hangouts that Josh is very used to being a part of. They try to be careful about what they say about where they are going, but it's hard for Josh to know he is stuck here and everyone else's life continues. He talks about if he could even get out to go with them, he still couldn't get under the tables, feed himself, or pick up a cup to get a drink. So much of this is so frustrating and a HUGE adjustment. Please continue to pray that God gives Josh the strength to face this battle he is waging in his mind.

Posted on March 16, 2007 .