3/13/07 7:45 p.m.

Prayer Request:  Josh is having surgery in the morning and has decided to be naughty and get sick.  He is running a high temperature and this could hold up the surgery.  We have had the surgery timed so that he is able to stay at MFB for 30 days before our insurance reviews him again.  Please pray that he starts feeling better quickly and that his temperature goes down to normal.

Today was a bit of a tiring day for Josh.  He had a hard time staying awake this afternoon during therapy.  This all seems to make a little more sense as he is now obviously sick.  We did our normal therapy all day today and struggled through it all. 

One great bit of news. The ear, nose and throat specialist came in this morning to talk to Josh. He said called this growth in his throat granuloma.  The "oma" sounds a bit scary but the doc said they are never cancerous and not to worry.  He then went on to say that with high doses of acid reducing medication they often decrease in size and eventually go away.  He also said that if the pain gets too bad they can easily go in and remove it.  The pain has been better over the last few days so Josh thinks he'll be fine with the medication. That's a huge praise for us!

Josh will be leaving MFB tomorrow morning at 10:00 and surgery is planned around noon.  Please be in prayer for Josh while he is in surgery.  Please pray for the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and the nurses that will be working with Josh.  This is not a major surgery, but surgery all the same.

As I finish this up, Josh seems to be feeling a bit better than he did an hour ago (I got a little side-tracked). Hopefully he will continue to feel better and it will not interfere with the surgery.  Thank you for your love and prayers...

Prayer Request:


-uneventful surgery and quick recovery so he can get back to rehab

-continued stability  for our family

Posted on March 13, 2007 .