3/12/07 6:20 p.m.

Josh had a crazy busy day today.  He started out with normal therapy, had an extra session of both O.T. and P.T. today which is always encouraging.  In O.T. he worked on getting formula into a bottle and feeding pretend baby Ephram.  He did quite well! The beginning of the day was great for Josh.  Today was the video scope looking into his throat to see if they could figure out what was wrong.  Josh did not have too much faith that they would figure out what was going on.  He feels like he is a myriad of medical mysteries and this would just be one more.  Well, they went in and immediately saw the problem! He has a polyp growing on his voice box and it gets caught in his vocal folds when he is talking or clearing his throat.  They believe it started because of being intubated and this is why it started.  He will have to have it surgically removed sometime in the next few weeks. We  will get a visit from a Ear, Nose and Throat specialist sometime tomorrow or the next day. We thought maybe they could do it at the same time as his surgery on Wednesday, but that does not seem to be a  possibility. Oh well. The surgery will be pretty minor and they will use a laser to remove the polyp.  We got some pictures of it and it is very obvious.  The staff here is encouraged at the location of the polyp and how it seems to be on a stem which should allow for easy removal. Praise God! We have a solid answer!

Today has been quiet after our crazy weekend.  It makes us aware of how easily Josh is still tired out and needs to be aware of his limits. He is laying next to me right now, snoring quietly.  I like it when he seems so at peace. It's a few minutes where I know he is not having to deal with things and gets a few minutes of reprieve.  The past few days so many memories have been ambushing his mind and his constant thought is if he could just go back.  He sometimes gets a vacant stare and then will sigh and tell me some random thought or memory and realize how much his life has changed over the last month and a half.

Please continue to pray fervently for Josh's triceps. He is working so hard to stimulate these muscles and will do everything it takes to get it back.  We also realize that if God does not plan on restoring them, that we will be okay.  We just pray for as much independence as possible and tricep usage would be huge! We trust God has a great plan but we continue to pray with faith for Josh's complete recovery.  As we get further away from the date of Josh's injury, it seems more and more bleak. I then remind myself that time is not of essence to God and he is capable if he so chooses. I also think that maybe God will heal him in a way different than the miraculous healing we pray for.  For example, we are looking at having Ephram's cord blood saved which is full of stem cells.  These cells are one of only two types of cells known to regenerate at a fast pace. Maybe God will use man's knowledge of medicine to free Josh. We know God is able...

Prayer Requests:


-Josh's triceps

-Stability for our family and wisdom to make wise decisions regarding our family and future life together

Posted on March 12, 2007 .