3/11/07 9:45 p.m.

Better day today than yesterday. Josh did not have too much therapy and his shoulders were not too sore today which is close to a miracle!!! He works them out so much they are almost always sore!

After we watched the church service on the internet tonight, a decent sized group of people came to the conference room at MFB.  Many people from the church saw Josh today for the first time and it seemed to go well.  A lot of the kids from the church had questions and a few of the young ones did not even recognize him.  It turned out to be a great way for Josh to not get too warn out and still be able to see people. 

We spent a lot of the day processing yesterdays events and why it was so hard, etc.  The only real conclusion we came to is that we have no clue what God has in store for us but we have to believe and know that it is amazing. If God chooses to heal Josh, we will be magnificently glorified.  But if God chooses to use Josh in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, God will be magnificently glorified- we are just unsure how he will use it. 

Two nights ago Josh got a phone call from Joni Eareckson Tada.  She is well known in Christian circles and is also a C-5 quadriplegic.  (Is this politically correct? I have a lot to learn!)  Josh was very encouraged by her phone call, how casual and real she was and especially her "realness". He was also very impressed with how easily she was working with her computer while they were exchanging info- this is a big concern for Josh considering he and his laptop are usually attached at the hip! She prayed with him and when they got off the phone, you could see was definitely feeling encouraged!

Please pray for us as we attack a new week of therapy, challenges, and attacks from Satan.  We are working so hard at trusting in God, having faith that he will heal Josh, and the belief that we will eventually feel like a normal family again.  This weekend, we have both felt like we will never have that warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction with our life.  I know these feelings can often breed complacency, but just those nice feelings of sighing softly and thinking, I love my life. I pray God brings that back for both us and our children.

Prayer Requests:


-Tricep healing

-Faith through the tough times

Posted on March 11, 2007 .