2/5/07 9:00 p.m. 
Praise the Lord! Josh slept well last night. He has had a tiring day just like every other day but more stamina because he actually got some rest.  He was also on a bit of a high because the Colts won the Superbowl.    Josh spent a lot of time working out his shoulders and biceps today.  He was very sore tonight while lying in bed. He was not complaining because I think he enjoys the sore muscle feeling from working out hard.  One thing to note, the occupational therapist thought she could feel a touch of Josh's tricep working. She was not 100% positive so they discussed hooking his arms to a biofeedback machine that can locate exactly what is working and how much.  If Josh could get some tricep use back this would be very encouraging.  To let you know exactly what the tricep does would be complicated but the most obvious thing to me is to have control of your arm falling in and not wacking you in the face.  This has happened a few times over the last few weeks.  Not exactly funny but we both giggle when it happens cause it seems so ridiculous. :-)   We are seeing a psychologist a few times a week who will help us see what we need to deal with.  She is located right in Mary Free Bed and is very successful at asking probing questions.  She has also mentioned that this accident may take more time to deal with than normal because we are just coming off the death of Ava. For those of you who don't know, here is a quick synoposis.  On August 1st of 2005, our 3 month old daughter Ava died in her crib when a box fan fell out of her bedroom window and suffocated her. I found her after only a few minutes (according to the paramedics) but there was nothing that could be done. A week before Josh's accident we were just saying how we felt life was moving on and we were building a new life. It is different, a new normal, but we are now to the point where we feel like moving on does not mean forgetting her. So, now we have Josh's accident right after we felt like we were adjusting. Not sure how it's going to affect us but the psychologist is a strong Christian and is helping us to see the things that are important.   Time with the kids is very hard on Josh.  I know I have said a few things before but it's not getting any easier yet. The kids do not seem to be having a very hard time with the whole situation but Josh is really struggling. They don't want to sit by him for long (they ARE 3 and 4) but this is the only real interaction he can have with them.  They seem content to do their own thing while in the room with Josh and not pay much attention to him or anybody else for that matter. Before this happened, it would not have been big deal but this is a lot for Josh to deal with.   Praises: -Good sleep -Possible tricep movement -Encouragement of friends and family   Prayer Requests: -TOTAL HEALING OF JOSH'S BODY (we aren't giving up on this!!!) -Sleep for Josh -Peace for Josh in the areas where our kids are concerned
Posted on February 6, 2007 .