2/28/07 7:30 p.m.

Josh had another fun-filled day of hard work and lots of therapy.  The days where he gets sleep, he loves to his the gym "hard" and give it his all. He had a good night of sleep and was ready to go this morning. I threw a wrench into his morning when I called to report I thought I might be too sick to come and spend the day with him. We talked with his nurse who instructed me to get some antibiotics and come tomorrow. It seemed odd to spend the entire day away. Jason went up to spend the day with Josh and help in any way he could. Both Josh and Jason reported that PT was "awesome."  Josh worked on sitting up with his legs outstretched and trying to balance using no hands or elbows. With no muscle us from the upper chest down, this can be very challenging.  He uses his shoulders to balance and change his center of gravity.  He was able to balance for about 45 seconds on his own before he needed help.  Kristy (PT) said this was great and, according to Jason, was impressed that Josh was able to do this. We'll show her huh? We love it when Josh does things that are unexpected because it is such an encouragement to all of us.

The kids are now up at MFB visiting Daddy while Mommy waits for them to come home. We had a nice, uneventful afternoon and evening and ate supper together. I was not planning on having the kids go visit because I could not take them, but they did not like this idea! Zach took the kids up to see him so they could get their "daddy fix." 

Josh met with a guy today (not sure of his name) whose injury is the same as Josh.  This guy owns his own music production studio and is very successful at what he does. Jason said this was quite an encouragement to Josh to see this guy was able to do all these things after his injury. When you think of all the knobs and buttons that have to be pushed and turned and having no finger mobility, this is quite overwhelming. For Josh to see someone who is still capable of doing the things he loves is uplifting. Please pray that he is continued to be encouraged as he continues down this road of recovery.

Prayer Requests:


-more finger movement

-health for our family

Posted on February 28, 2007 .