2/27/07 9:45 p.m.

Another good day for Josh.  He slept well and had a lot of energy for therapy today.  He had a very full day of therapy and lots of extra sessions for social work, recreation rehab, etc. He also had an extra PT session today which he is always excited about.

Today, during PT, we had an assistant working with Josh while Kristy (normal PT) took some patients out for the morning.  He was doing some range on Josh's feet today and Josh was saying how terrible it felt cause it feels like your feet are completely asleep. The therapist was surprised he could feel anything so he started putting pressure on different areas of his feet. He squeezed five different areas of Josh's feet and ankles, asking Josh where he felt the pressure. He got all five right!!! We were extremely excited by this. He cannot tell the difference between pressure or pain yet and cannot feel the pain near as much as pressure. All the same, we were absolutely psyched!

The kids are feeling better today but have handed off their stuffy noses to mommy. I did get a great nap today which revived me for the rest of the night.

We had a short meeting tonight in regards to the ministry we would like to start because of this whole learning situation. So many people have given their money, time and talent and we would like to use it wisely. God has blessed us so much even through this incredibly difficult situation. More than anything, we want God to be glorified.

Prayer Requests:


-more fingers-- sensation and movement

-stability for our family

Posted on February 28, 2007 .