2/26/07 9:00 p.m.

Today was a great day for Josh.  I got to the hospital a little later than usual because Zoe has the sniffles and Noah has a dry cough.  They were both fine today thankfully. 

I showed up to MFB when Josh was getting ready for physical therapy.  He did some stretching otherwise known as range of motion and loves this time. He thinks it is very relaxing and often drifts off to dreamland while being stretched. We then worked a bit on balancing on one elbow while seated. His legs are stretched out in front of him and his feet are placed on something called a sliding board. This board is a very slick wood and is used to move people from one place to another such as a bed to a wheelchair but is also used for Josh to get used to moving his legs. His heels are placed on the board and then he uses his bicep muscles to try and move them around a bit. As he was laying back down taking a break, he complained that his left heel felt like it was laying on something hard (he cannot see down there in the laying position because of his neck brace). It was laying on something hard- the sliding board. Kristy and I got so excited and were up by his face asking what it felt like etc. when he asked, "So, is anyone going to move my foot for me?"  We sort of forgot that.  Kristy then went on to check for any movement in his legs and feet, but none was found...YET.  We continue to believe wholeheartedly that God will heal Josh and he will walk out of MFB! Do I hear an Amen?

Prayer Requests:


-Finger movement

-Continued sleep and stability for our family

Posted on February 27, 2007 .