2/23/07 10:00 p.m.

Another good day today.  Not great sleep last night for Josh but he felt pretty good today.  He worked at lot at sitting up and trying to lean on a locked elbow. Pretty interesting and he was a hard worker! He also spent all day in the power-assist wheelchair. Today was the first day he spent all day in it. That's quite a step! We were all excited by it.

All the info has been collected in regards to the van. We will be getting a Ford Nor-Cal. We also found out we are going to try to get the van without a raised roof. That would make this mommy very happy. 

We also went and looked at a house for rent just a few miles away from here. The house is 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  About 2000 square feet of movable space for Josh vs. about 600 square feet at our house. The house is very utilitarian looking but I'm sure it would be okay once we got our things inside. We are trying to decide what to do and what the best decision is for our family.  One of the major drawbacks is the fact that it is on a very busy corner. For those of you who know Noah, you realize he is a magnet to danger. We are hesitant to move our family to an area where Noah may be in precarious situation.  Please pray for specific direction in this situation. 

Josh continues to have a small infection that makes him not feel so well at night. He runs a low-grade fever at night and starts to feel feverish.  Please pray that the infection clears quickly. 

I just realized that I am REALLY late getting home. Love to you all and I'm heading home to my kids.

Prayer Requests:


-pray for the infection to clear up

-sleep for the family



Posted on February 24, 2007 .