2/22/07 7:00 p.m.

Josh ended up spending the rest of his day in the power-assist wheelchair.  He really loves it.  It has seemed to confirm the idea to get one for himself. He will need two different wheelchairs when he goes home. One that is all power for bad weather, snow, long days (such as amusement park trips with the kids), and another for the other days.  With the power-assist chair he is down low enough to the ground where he can wheel under a table at a restaurant or get into a house (with help) that does not have a ramp.  We also found out today that insurance will cover part of one of the chairs.  A bit overwhelming but we know God has already provided so much via many of you!!!

I spent quite a bit of time with the kids this afternoon. We played a couple different games and ran some errands. Neither of them wanted to get out of the car once we arrived at Target so... we left. If you have kids, you may understand. :-) It's sometimes just not worth it. So this pushover of a mom took her kids to Burger King instead. They thought it was great fun. We then headed up to see daddy and they had fun with the new chair.  

One new advancement- Josh seems to regaining some feeling in his stomach. He has had absolutely NO feeling below the upper chest area so any feeling is significant progress. We are feeling really encouraged by this. Our PT said we could still see significant improvement in the first 6-8 week window, medically speaking. We also know God is not limited by time but this is very encouraging for us to hear. Our PT is an incredible Christian woman who knows what she needs to say in regards to being part of our medical team but also believes our God can work a miracle. It is a great balance and we love her to death! 

Josh continues to feel well today although he does still have an infection brewing in his body. They are keeping their eye on him to make sure it does not get worse. He was running a fever again last night but not so far today. 

That's all for tonight. Thank you to all who keep up on Josh's progress and pray for us so faithfully. May God bless you all!

Prayer Requests:


-more finger feeling and movement to start

-sleep for all of us

Posted on February 22, 2007 .