2/19/07 8:00 p.m.

Josh had a very sleepy day today.  Because of the new meds he was started on, he was feeling a bit drugged. He did not like this feeling but did like the fact that the pain was lessened. We talked to the doctor and I believe one of the meds may be discontinued (the anti-spasm drug) to see if that is what is making him tired. The spasms do not really bother him but the pain does. 

Josh had a normal therapy day today. He did fall asleep a few times while he was being stretched- even started snoring at one point. :-) Nothing major or out of the ordinary happened, for which we can be thankful. We continue to plead with God to heal Josh 100% but work as hard as possible with the movement he does have. We feel like we walk a tight-rope every day in trying to trust God, have faith yet make plans for if God does not choose to heal Josh. 

We did get some great news today that had nothing to do with Josh's injury. The day before we left on vacation, we went in for a routine mid-pregnancy ultrasound and found out they had some concerns. The main concern was that Ephram's head measured quite a bit larger than his body and they were looking at Down's Syndrome. After going in for more extensive testing and blood work, the doctor said he believes Ephram is a perfectly healthy, big-headed baby boy. We got quite a kick out of the big head cause if you look at Ephram's daddy, you will see where the big head comes from. Praise God and thank you!

My parents took the kids home with them tonight because they have not been sleeping great. You know what that leads to- a mommy who is not sleeping well. So I am signing off and heading off to sleep. Thank you for all your thoughts and comments but especially your prayers. Keep em' coming!!!

Prayer Requests:

-TOTAL HEALING (don't want that one to get old but we want everyone to continue to plead on Josh's behalf!)

-Josh's finger movement

-Medicine adjustments


Posted on February 19, 2007 .