2/18/07 6:30 p.m.

One month ago today, Josh's accident occurred. In some ways it seems like a century ago and other ways it seems like only yesterday.  No matter the outcome of this situation, that day has forever changed and impacted our lives and who we are.

Josh had a bit of a harder day today. He slept well last night (thank you Lord!) so he was in pretty good spirits so that did help the day.  The difficulty today is that Josh is getting some feeling back in areas that he has not had any feeling. We are incredibly excited by this but the feeling is not positive.  Right now he describes the pain in his legs, back and rear (is that a socially acceptable word?) is like going out into freezing cold weather, then coming inside and running these parts under extremely hot water. It has a very strong burning feeling but encouraging to feel some areas that before had little or no feeling. Some of the people here act encouraged by this and others act as though this is completely normal and means nothing. Need I remind them that my God is a powerful God who will heal Josh if that is what he chooses?

Josh did 60 reps with his biceps today when he normally does only 30.  They hook up some odd contraption around his wrists with a pulley system and lots of velcro (I realize this makes no sense) so that he can lift with his biceps. He is currently lifting 6 lb. weights but has made a lot of progress since arriving 2 and a half weeks ago.

Josh had some more med changes today:  they doubled the med for nerve pain and put him on another med for his leg spasms that often helps with nerve pain.  He has noticed a slight help so far but not a ton.  It's a balance of wanting him to feel these new feelings, but not to be in pain.

That's all for tonight. We are currently watching the web cam at church and enjoying listening to the church worship as we sit here in our hospital room. Josh will be able to hear Jason preach in just a few minutes. Technology... ain't it great?

Prayer Requests:


-Josh's fingers- God is not done here!

-Pain relief for Josh


2/17/07 9:00 p.m.

The meeting went extremely well today. The weather in Indiana held up two of the men coming for the meeting, but all in all it, was very positive. Look for an update from Charlie, the guy heading this up, sometime tomorrow.

A huge praise: Josh is starting to feel his index fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember how I said the church wanted a specific prayer request to pray about this week? Doesn't this just go to show the power of prayer.  When I was clipping Josh's fingernails today, he was surprised at how much he could feel me working with them and then rubbing lotion on his cuticles (hey, a guy's gotta' look good!).  We are soooo encouraged by this.  I don't exactly know if movement will come back but I do know that starting to have feeling is a huge positive!!

Josh had a great day today meeting with the board and working out.  His shoulders, delts and biceps continue to get stronger. He is able to do quite a bit with his arms such as moving around a bit in his wheelchair, hugging the kids and me, and talking with his hands.  He is still wearing the braces on his hands and wrists so that his hands do not flop around. He looks very good when he is sitting in his chair and moving his arms. They are starting to work at balancing without the chest strap while he is sitting in his chair. Currently, he has a seat belt, leg straps to hold his knees together, and a chest strap to hold his back into the chair.  He is working on balancing his center body and using his shoulders and shoulder blades to move where he needs to in the chair. Seems quite odd, but it works. He is learning to do so much, getting stronger,  and it is such an encouragement to us. 

Last night, we had a nice night as couples and I got to cuddle with Josh in his bed for the first night. He is getting secure enough in his stability for me to move around a bit next to him and it was incredibly nice. :-) 

Josh continues to sleep well. We are so thankful for nights of restful sleep and days of hard work. Please continue to pray for us and plead with God to heal Josh's body. Josh wants to run in Eastown more than almost anything, but not quite as much as accomplishing God's will for his and our lives.  

Prayer Requests:


-stability for Noah and Zoe; restful sleep for the kids

-Movement in Josh's fingers

Posted on February 18, 2007 .