2/13/07 10:00 p.m.

Josh had a bit of a better day today. He gave his sleep a C- but had much more energy than the past two days. The docs started a new med to deal with some of the neurological pain Josh is experiencing. They are also going to monitor his oxygen saturation levels tonight to see if he is having apnea and that is what is keeping him up. They do not want to increase the sleeping meds so that he is able to be at peak performance during the day. Josh just wants to sleep. Until last night, he was not real concerned about the sleep issue, but it just keeps creeping back. 

We had an extremely busy day with lots of info coming in about a handicapped accessible van that we will be getting in a few months. The amazing church of Spring Lake Wesleyan is taking on the task of raising the money to get us in one. One of the major issues we've been dealing with is Josh's height. In his chair, he sits at 58 inches so he is going to need a full-sized van with a raised roof and a dropped floor. He's just a big boy and I love that about him (not so great for moving him with this big pregnant belly)! 

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and we have a little surprise for Josh. Some of the girls from church are helping out and I think Josh will enjoy himself.

One exciting piece of news in regards to housing: they are bringing Josh home to the house for about 2 hours later this week to see how a wheelchair could get around the house. They think it may be possible to set up the main floor as a temporary housing situation until more concrete plans come into play. We would not have access to a shower or bathroom but MFB has offered us the use of a shower there.  Josh will still be spending a lot of time there after he gets out of inpatient so this may work.  At this point, Josh is not using the toilet in a conventional way (enough said!) so the bathroom itself would not be an issue. We would set up a hospital bed in our dining room and make it into a make-shift bedroom for the time being. This is all very tentative but we are praying for strong guidance in this area. We want to do what is best for our family and best for Josh.

No big changes physically today. He continues to get stronger which is opening many doors for independence down the road. Josh is medically considered a quadriplegic but can do a lot more than that suggests. It's a very scary word but I am amazed at what they are already teaching him. We are facing this head on but continuously praying for miraculous healing. We have nothing to lose by giving rehab our all but having faith that God is ABLE!!!

Prayer Requests:


-Finger movement

-TOTAL healing 


Posted on February 14, 2007 .