2/12/07 7:10 p.m.

Another pretty rough day today. Josh did not sleep last night so it made for another tough day. We're glad the day is almost over and that he's already feeling tired. 

Josh's left wrist is showing some strong improvement which is very encouraging.  His PT was saying he lifted it significantly further than he has before. She said he will be able to do a lot with this improvement.  

MFB had a Valentine's dinner for families tonight that turned out to be pretty nice.  They had a pianist playing concert tunes and the food was catered in. We even got MFB plastic wine glasses (with candy in it) with the hospital logo.  Wow you say! Pretty special stuff.  :-) 

Josh did some more work with sitting up and working at pushing his legs over.  He will use these skills when moving himself one day.  It seems as though every day is a new activity.  We also had a visit from some people here from the hospital who looked at our house as a temporary housing situation after Josh gets out of rehab.  We talked about ramps, putting his bedroom in the dining room and having no access to a bathroom or shower.  They did say we could use the showers here when he comes for outpatient rehab. 

One other thing they talked about was finding a temporary form of transportation for Josh in the next few weeks.  Pretty soon they will give him day passes on the weekend where he can go somewhere off the hospital campus, but we will need van transportation.  This is something we are looking into.  There seems to be a lot of things to think about as we get into the thick of rehab. 

That's all for tonight. As our night draws to a close, we feel hope for tomorrow.  Although we are unsure of what tomorrow brings, we know we are in the middle of God's plan for us.  That is keeping us hanging on.

Prayer Requests:

-Total healing!!!!!!

-Josh's fingers

-Emotional stability


Posted on February 14, 2007 .