So who's surprised to hear from us? I've been slacking in the area of updating the blog because I never have any new pics. One of our girlfriends took a family picture a few weeks ago (mommy is looking a little rough but the rest of the fam looks great!) and we just got it on Josh's computer. Not a huge amount of stuff going on here. Noah is on a new med the last 2 days and it seems to be working very well praise God!!! Our doctor is amazing and a huge help to us!!! Zoe is a sweetie as always and full of sass (trying to keep that under control). Last night Josh was putting her to bed and she was crying and screming like a typical three year old and Josh says to her "Why are you so sad?" Zoe's response: I'm not sad, I'm grumpy!!! (with all the passion a three year old can muster!) The baby is growing well and Mommy is getting over the pukies and tiredness. My tummy is growing a bit too fast for my pleasure but our little poppy seed is now almost 3 inches long!!!! God has kept our baby safe thus far and pray he has big plans for this baby. Josh is staying busy with Greenhouse and getting ready for Christmas. We have Decemberfest tomorrow night as an outreach to the community. Please pray that we will reach the people who God places in our path.
Posted on December 8, 2006 .