Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all our friends out there! Sitting here being thankful for our friends and family, but especially for our God who is ever faithful to us. Christmas has a way of bringing both joy and pain to the surface. I am thankful for that. It always feels good to have a long conversation with someone that you know is real and to the heart of how you really feel.

Josh and I had a great heart to heart in the car today. We took a 2 day trip down to Orlando with my parents, Holly and Jay, and all the kids (no we don't smoke crack). It went surprisingly well. It also gives you a lot of time to sit in the car and talk. I love feeling like my husband understands me and knows how I feel. I realize this is probably part of the job expectations but it's appreciated all the same. We had some great conversations about our 3 kids and the fourth on the way.

We are now in Orlando in a great 6 bedroom house I could easily move into. All the kids tired themselves out swimming tonight. They are now all snug as a bug and looking forward to our Christmas together tomorrow morning. Blessings to you all and Merry Christmas!
Posted on December 25, 2006 .