Who needs a little medicine?

I am not the type of mom to try all kinds of fancy herbs, vitamins or the like to try and solve our health issues. But when it comes to Noah we are willing to try anything short of crack cocaine! Okay, maybe a bit far. Anway, Noah has been through some more substantial testing and they have nearly sworn to us that he does not have autism. Praise God!

Back to the meds part. We have tried Noah on the no sugar diet- do you have any idea how hard that is? We even tried this weird root a little over a year ago that was supposed to help the brain. So, we've tried a lot of things to say the least. These are just a few of our failed attempts. So, we were sent to a behavioral neurologist who says that, no question, no has ADHD- and pretty severe. Said we didn't absolutely stink as parents (Mommy needs to hear that every once in a while) and thinks Noah would benenfit greatly from a trial course of meds. So, tomorrow is the start of the trial of Adderol for our little Noah. The doctor says that it will hopefully slow his brain down enough to give him a second to think before he does something. My impulsive little boy needs a little assistance in this area. He touched the stove Saturday at Grandma Bucks house- how many times has he been told not to touch? He just has a greater tendency to do things without thinking. The doctor said hopefully this will help us in keeping him safe. So, we got the prescription today and we start tomorrow. Pray that this will be a breakthrough for Noah. That he will have enough attention to learn to listen, learn, and be the all around amazing boy that he is!!!

Zoe continues to keep us on our toes with personality to boot!!! (What does that really mean anyways?) Night before last we were coming home from Holly's house and mommy had to run inside quickly (early pregnancy emergency bladder) so one of the girls from church went out to the car to get her. Zoe did not want help to say the least. She ended up telling the girl something along the lines of "Don't help me. I don't like you." all with this nasty little scowl on her face. Okay, very naughty but kinda funny too. So, we told her that she needed to say she was sorry for hurting Rachel's feelings. She ended up sitting in time out for a bit over half an hour before finally buckling down and apologizing. Wow. They can be so naughty but why do they have to be so cute? Kids...
Posted on November 9, 2006 .