We need a new camera. It is always on the fritz and driving me crazy. I wish I could post some pics of the kids on Halloween night, but they are on my sister's camera. Good place huh? She hasn't posted any pics yet (slacker) but I'm sure she will soon enough. They all wore the same costumes they did at the fall camping fest so nothing new. Zoe was the cutest unicorn rider. She had a pink unicorn that was supposed to look like she was riding, only it looked like the unicorn was either dead or sound asleep. One thing to note, I was watching the news on Halloween night and saw a little girl with almost the exact same costume and I realized that I didn't put it on her right at all!!! Here I was thinking that her costume stunk when it was really her mommy that stunk and maybe should have looked at the picture included in the packaging!

Noah was a little cowboy, red bandana and all. He did not like wearing the cowboy hat and clomped around in his cowboy boots 4 sizes too big (they used to be his daddy's when he was a little boy). Instead of walking around trick-or-treating he had Grandpa carry him. He has his grandpa wound around his little finger.

Both kids were sugared out and not at all ready for bed when mommy was. Little stinkers. It turned out to be a very fun night with family and friends and we all gained a pound or two.
Posted on November 2, 2006 .