Noah's update

Just a little heads up to all of you who are keeping up on our busy man Noah:

The appointment went great on Thursday. Both Josh and I left feeling encouraged and less discouraged than when we walked in the door. The doctor seemed very capable and connected with Noah immediately. Noah was talking a mile a minute and telling him about his swing at home every time the doctor would give him a chance! Josh and I felt good about the fact that Noah's real personality was evident from the start and that the doctor saw that, not the shy, passive Noah. That Noah is not around very often, but sometimes he appears when he is unsure of a situation! :-) Anyway, after an hour and fifteen minute appt. the doctor decided to meet with us again next week Friday without Noah so he could get more information before deciding how to test. He says that testing Noah will be a real challenge as his attention span is so short! Duh! He went to college for 10 years to figure that one out?

As we were wrapping up on did push the doctor for his initial thoughts (me Pushy???). He did say that he was definitely leaning AWAY from autism as Noah has eye contact with others more than most other kids his age. He said at this point he is going to be looking at something called sensory integration disorder. After doing a little research on the internet it definitely seems possible. It is a disorder where you do not correctly interpret your five senses. Most of the time you shy away from sensory input or you try to get even more of it. The second would be Noah to a T.

That's all for now. We'll post later when we know more. Thanks for all your prayers and love.
Posted on September 9, 2006 .