Noah had a little adventure in store for our whole family. On Monday afternoon he decided to try and play Superman on the swing and took a little spill. He went face first into the ground from about 6 feet. Needless to say, we took a little trip to the ER. After a head CT and a craniofacial CT, they said he was okay and could take the little guy home. I wasn't so sure they were going to let us considering how rough the little guy looked. I thought they might try and find some new parents for him but they seemed to think we could do the job (I'm not always so sure). Anyway, no visits from CPS so I guess we're in the clear.

Poor Noah looks so pathetic. It's not quite caught on the picture. I think he looks worse in real life but I thought I'd post him so he could get some much deserved sympathy. He was looking in the mirror saying, "It's okay Noah." He also isn't talking so clearly cause he's so stuffed up and swollen. When we were at the hospital he kept saying "I wha ing Ek." We finally figured out he was saying "I'm watching Shrek."

He is now back to his naughty self so we figure he's not feeling too bad. Quite the adventure for our little boy.
Posted on August 23, 2006 .